Childhood Memories..

The childhood memories are like a special treasure where you had stored thousands of wonderful memories.Those memories may sometimes gives you the strength to live once again, when you seem to lost all your hope and faith.The old memories could give the reason to feel and explore the immense power of a free soul with […]

What is Happiness?

Indeed a good question?  But answers may vary from person to person.For some materialistic people like us, money can be a source to get a good life, where happiness is related to money cultivating pleasure and luxury. But if you ask a small child, for him/her happiness is letting him free, with no boundations. A […]

Endagered Sea Turtles..

Sea turtles have been living on this planet Earth for over 120 million years, since from the time of dinosaurs. They are existing even today due to their adaptation capability. Living in warm waters, sea turtles cover large distances in oceans to reach the shore for laying eggs. These sites are called mass nesting sites. […]


A thing of beauty is a joy forever… But the question is how to define beauty, is there any scale available to measure beauty or compare it. Beauty is subjective experience and it differs from person to person due to change of perspective. Since from ages, women had been the central figure for discussing beauty […]

Building Science Capital

Building Science Capital is like finding the roots of science in the mind of an individual. Discovery learning through doing can be the first step in making a scientific nation. The knowledge which lacks the base of fundamental is incomplete. Nowadays, we  humans are neglecting about the future consequences and implications of any action taken […]

SciFun Element in Travelling

Travelling is one of my passion but this time the opportunity, I got is to travel across India with a noble motive to spread the awareness about climate change in a specially designed Science Express carrying an exhibition. The unique experience is ultimate, earlier I used to roam just to visit & explore but this […]